Italy, Verona
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Hello, I'm Michael. Here I show my images of photo tours and travels. Mainly street photography, deserted places, urban and … Archive. More about me and this photoblog: About. Find me on Twitter.


  • Ralf Albert # reply

    hi michael,
    i am a little upset with you: so many nice pictures, that i am spending too much time to click through all of them, because i don’t want to miss a single one :-)no, honestly, i really appreciate your work and thank you for showing so many really nice pictures online. many details of famous places and buildings remind me of visiting these locations, but you have an excellent eye to catch certain emotions, or funny details. i am enjoying a lot viewing these pictures and hope you continue to update them from time to time.Only small critique from my side: it would be nice to have the option to magnify/enlarge at least the panorama pictures for some greater experience.But again, Its a great collection of emotional pictures, which set me back to those moments, I visited some of these places by myself – many thanks for your great work!
    Kind regards
    Ralf A.

  • michael # reply

    the feeling begins

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