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Aerial Shop

Canon EOS 50E

Canon EF 28-80 mm / 3.5-5.6 EF USM IV

analog auf Diafilm AGFA CT

ISO 100

Ireland, Cork
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Hello, I'm Michael. Here I show my images of photo tours and travels. Mainly street photography, deserted places, urban and … Archive. More about me and this photoblog: About. Find me on Twitter.


  • michael # reply

    Okay, I’ve tried that and it works, but than you cannot use the arrow keys in this commentform e.g.

    if a user want to correct his comment the url change and his comment is in hell. => so deactivated for now, until I a have more spare time for this

  • Kersti # reply

    I spent a pleasant time for browsing your photos! I love your angle of view, you see same things, that I would notice.
    Website is very pleasant too. Only thing I missed was possibility to use arrow keys for browsing, but it didn’t kill me :)

    Thank you very much for sharing!!
    Good luck!


    • michael # reply

      Thanks for your comment. Nice idea to use arrow keys for browsing – I will check that.

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